Deaftastics Multi Sports Club


The Deaftastics Multi Sports Club is open to deaf children (with a moderate, severe or profound loss) and their families. Children must be aged between 8 - 18 years.
Deaftastics seeks to promote increased opportunities in sport and physical activity for children with hearing impairments.
We organise a huge variety of sports sessions. Some are one off sessions, some are courses.
The children are regularly given the opportunity to choose a sport which they would like to try and within reason we do our best to accommodate them.
Communication is never a barrier at Deaftastics. At events that require an interpreter, an interpreter will always be booked.
We do not have a membership but we do make a small charge for events.
If you are interested in coming along, please contact Karen Park on Tel. 01953 717974 or email

Deaftastics MultiSports Club